Permanent Events

Ceramic Age is the title of the exhibition organised by Tecnargilla in collaboration with AzzoliniTinuper architects studio: an overview of the latest styling and texture trends in the ceramics industry.

The exhibition, affording significant scenic impact, offers an "unprecedented" concept of ceramic, one that is no longer considered a static object, but instead a dynamic, ductile and expressive presence.

The layout comprises aggregate volumes, slabs, sedimentation, penetration and combinations of megalithic elements.

Ceramic Age is designed to constitute a new start, a new ultra-technological era where ceramic becomes the "only material", absorbing all the possible expressions of the material, to express the same primordial energy enhanced in its macro dimensions and thicknesses.

Large slabs, geometric shapes, three-dimensional effects: these are all elements that play a primary role in the architectural project, yet whose ultimate expression lies in the pursuit of colour. This concept is interpreted to perfection in the section entitled Ceramic Age–Color Trends, where four chromatic areas defined as "almost primary" are reinterpreted according to the latest interior design trends, amid neutral colds and neutral warms, oxides and green hues that bring to mind the world of plants. 

The trends exhibition, organised by the AzzoliniTinuper architects practice, is included as usual as part of the macro event, “Ceramic Workshop”, located at the entrance to Tecnargilla, which will also be hosting the fifth edition of the Tecnargilla Design Award contest, an award set up to consecrate the most innovative technologies, applications and materials used in the ceramics industry. Also an integral part of the “Ceramic Workshop”, the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza Area will be exhibiting some of the most representative pieces from the collections to illustrate the history of ceramics.