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The aim of the Hybrid® project is to offer exhibitors a simple, quick and direct stand set-up solution that enables them to optimise their investment in a well-designed and customisable space that fully reflects their values. Hybrid® is a wide-ranging solution that offers many different options for creating unique and highly distinctive spaces.
It can be customised in terms of wall colour, graphics, parquet flooring and furnishings.
Hybrid® stands will be made of honeycomb panels and available in a range of sizes and open fronts, while special kits will offer a choice of different styles and trends.
Thanks to the many possible combinations, each exhibition solution will be utterly unique, resulting in a vibrant, elegant and diversified trade fair. Hybrid® is a highly cost effective solution thanks to a series of optimisations in terms of the low design costs and modularity of the offerings.


  • Turnkey solutions designed in accordance with the anti-Covid-19 protocol;
  • Excellent value for money: a slightly higher investment than pre-furnished stands while offering extensive scope for customisation and differentiation from competitors;
  • The price is clear at the time of purchase, so exhibitors can be certain of the all-inclusive final cost (the price does not change according to the number of square metres and open fronts);
  • Zero waiting time for the stand design and estimate;
  • The type of stand can be configured according to size : 32, 48, 64 and 96 m2;
  • Highly customised stand finishes;
  • Further scope for customisation thanks to additional KITS that can be purchased directly online;
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of stand handover times;