Tecna is the showcase for new BMR squaring, lapping and processing technological solutions. We are introducing them here in world preview.The ceramic market has been characterised by a very strong drive generated by the production of large-size slabs over the past years. BMR replied by offering a consolidated range of highly competitive, specialised machines and products. The development and value of our offering are progressively changing course. Our people are not only dedicated to making innovative and efficient machines. The goal is to study and make complete processes, tailored to the individual customers' real needs which consider all the factors in play”.
Paolo Sassi, President BMR

All editions of Tecna are an occasion for us to measure ourselves up against the market sentiment. More than being just about finding new contact opportunities, time and time again it is our way to introduce the idea of who we are and what we are preparing for the future. Our line supervisor system has been already installed and is working successfully in the plants of some of the major world players in the ceramics industry.The increasing propensity of companies to acquire automated and robotised systems even in so-called emerging markets is a clear trend particularly in the sanitaryware and tableware sectors. At the end of 2017 we had recorded a growth of over 23%, sign of the high investment propensity of our customers and their intention to consolidate their traditional role as trailblazers for process and product innovations. We will continue our mission to be at the service of the Italian ceramics industry also by seeking new strategic partnerships in the education field through agreements with universities and research organisations”.
Claudio Marani, General Manager Sacmi Group


"Our vocation for development, our passion for work and close collaboration with architects, graphic designers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic manufacturers, see us as protagonists in the promotion of the values of the District and of Made in Italy, the only truly international fair is expressing the most advanced technology for the production of ceramic products; the only event able to catalyse all the big players at world level. Show customers, friends, partners and cooperators the evolution of all innovative technologies resulting from the continuous and non-stop research and development of the Group".
Emilio Benedetti, CEO LB



Tecnargilla is the reference trade fair for all suppliers to the ceramic industry worldwide; an unmissable event. We are here to talk about the development of our strategy, focused on aesthetic research and beauty in the ceramic sector. The success of our Group is based on the proposal of technologies and professionalism that are unique in the world for their completeness and innovative spirit. The main strategic focus remains the creation of value through the offer of products and services that are always attentive to sustainability and design: a technology that creates beauty. This was a year of growth for the Italian ceramic machinery sector, driven by the good performance of the domestic market, which benefited from the government incentives of the Industry Plan 4.0. At Group level we recorded record values in sales revenues, reaching 203.3 million euros, corresponding to an increase of 8.4% compared to 2016”.



"Today, current technologies make it possible to reach customers, suppliers and partners in different ways, but the dynamics of trade fair events retain certain irreplaceable characteristics. As an Italian company , we emphasise the importance of this event, considering it an essential event in every edition. The main characteristics of the energy-saving intermittent klin, make it possible to reduce emissions of CO2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere, with considerable advantages for the environment as well as a saving in production costs of about 30%. We have always believed in the fact that innovative technical solutions are based on ideas derived from a deep knowledge of the subject," concludes the sales manager, recalling that"although industrial globalization over the years has narrowed the gap among the various world producers, Italy remains without doubt the leader in the sector for the level of innovation that it manages to bring to market every year."
Mattia D'Agostini, sales manager of SE.TE.C. S.r.l.


We have been participating at Tecna for more than three decades, and have never missed an event. For us it is simply unmissable: it brings clients from around the world, grows the visibility of our company and allows us to exchange views and information about changes in the marketplace. Our new drier Condor has recently been granted an industrial invention patent and also collaborating with the University of Pavia and Andil in the INSYSME project, a new solution for earthquake safe construction materials, which promises to yield major improvements over conventional construction techniques. Our entire equipment range is made at our Sinalunga plant in the province of Siena. We are improving the quality, safety, energy efficiency and productivity in an eco-sustainable way”.
Emma Capaccioli, Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Board di Capaccioli



"The great success that we have obtained at Tecna has confirmed once again the excellence of the solutions presented, in particular the full digital glazing line that has literally conquered all the players in the chain. The interest resulted in a remarkable increase of our orders, a result that makes us very happy with our work and encourages us to continue with greater commitment on our road to innovation"
Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Director of Durst’s Ceramic Division


"Tecna has been the perfect showcase for offering innovative solutions in the field of services and components for specialist maintenance. By participating in this exhibition we have been able to sign important trade agreements with major industry players in Italy and Europe for GMM Solution and to obtain important orders in the United States for BBM Maintenance Partner."
Luca Milani, Sales Manager GMM


"This exhibition, with its great international stance, has made it easy for us to pursue our main goal, i.e. penetrating new markets and fostering loyalty of the world’s great tile manufacturers. Thanks to Tecna, new trade agreements have been signed with Italian manufacturers, for collaborations on the international markets. In addition, the first tile crushers for sorting lines "Thor" have been sold abroad, mainly in Colombia, Mexico and South Africa, after several installations in important Italian ceramic companies."
Gian Luca and Paolo Zanoni, Owners INTER.SER


"Tecna has been a great launchpad for the new Xaar 2001 printing heads, which have been successfully tested by the most important international manufacturers. A few months after the end of the event, we can confirm that orders and sales have increased in various markets".
Gerard Winn, Senior Product Manager Xaar


"Once again Tecna has proved to be a great opportunity for business and for meeting potential and current customers coming from around the world. In particular, EFI Ecosystem, Fiery proServer and EFICretacolor, our most innovative digital solutions, have been highly appreciated by international operators. In the months following Tecna, we recorded a significant growth in orders and a 37% increase of our activities in the ceramic field."
Jose Luis Ramon Moreno, Vice President and General Manager EFI Industrial Printing


"We have invested a great deal in this exhibition in terms of time and economic resources with thorough preparation and precise, extensive communication regarding the event, particularly to our most important customers. We believe that any event must be prepared with great advance to ensure its success and the results proved us right. Our booth has always been full of visitors and, also thanks to the Business Meetings organised by Tecna, we have been able to enter into important contracts, and to start business relationships with new customers."
Paolo Pedrielli, Owner Tecnofiliere

 "A positive exhibition all round. The visitors, who arrived from all over the world, kept us busy constantly throughout the exhibition. We are very confident that we can reap in the coming months what we have sown in the past."­
Paolo Marcheluzzo, Vice Chairman Marcheluzzo Impianti

"Decidedly positive results, despite the difficult times that the sector is undergoing. We had many visits, consolidated relationships and laid the foundations for new collaborations with potential customers."
Vladimir Grubacic, General Manager of the bricks division at Bedeschi

"Claytech, for Sacmi’s Heavy Clay division, was characterised by a good turnout from operators.­ Claytech once again proved a valuable tool for communicating the latest process innovations, always the subject of great attention at Sacmi, to both prospects and acquired customers."­­
Domenico Burchi, Sacmi Heavy Clay

 "Tecna continues to be one of the most important events for our company. We took part with broad representation from our team, working constantly throughout the exhibition, above all with visitors from South America, Russia and CIS countries, which increased significantly in this edition. We’ re also very satisfied with the extensive contact with potential customers in the Maghreb region."
Juan Carlos Cerdan, International Area Sales Manager Equipceramic

"The exhibition gave us the opportunity to meet and discuss new projects with existing customers, revive old contacts and agree new collaborations with producers from various countries all over the world. Claytech represented a meeting place for the brick sector, offering a better perspective on the market globally. The position that Tecna assigned to us in the Claytech section gave us much greater visibility with respect to previous editions, making access easier for visitors and reinforcing the image of our company." 
Koukas Georgios, Sales Manager Sabo

"Once again Tecna has been a great success. Our product and process innovations, real foretastes of the future of ceramics, drew attention from every visitor. We really believe in this exhibition because of its vocation for international markets; we consider it one of the most important events of the world in our field."  Federico Michavila Heras, President Torrecid Group

"Tecna has met our expectations and confirmed to be the reference exhibition for the entire ceramics industry. We are very pleased of the high turnout of visitors from all continents and of the results reached”. Marco Toccaceli, Marketing Director Colorobbia

 "Tecnargilla as a proud boast for our country. The event confirmed its high international profile by welcoming delegations from all over the world, we all agree to consider the exhibition a growing attraction for all international operators in the industry."
Armando Meletti, General Manager Esmalglass Itaca

"For us and for our affiliate Kaolin AD it has been a very positive exhibition. Especially in the early days of the event the flow of visitors reached very high levels, all of them deeply interested and with concrete projects. Within the ceramic sector, Tecna certainly managed to assert its leadership beyond European borders.”
Hans-Jürgen Hofmann, Sales Manager of the Ceramic Division Amberger Kaolin

"We can consider ourselves fully satisfied for the general results of the exhibition, a first-class showcase that has allowed us to present all the new products and services introduced during the year. Thanks to the high attendance at the stand, proof of the high interest for Tecna by the market, we have been able to create new business relationships and strengthen the existing ones."
Davide Mighali, Sales Manager Kaltun Mining Company