We give the floor ro rhe buyers of Tecna 2022

Buschinelli Ferri - De Oliveira | Villagres | Brazil

Fernando Secco | Lorenzetti S.A. | Brazil

Joao Gomes de Andrade Neto | Obi Revestimentos | Brazil

Dalton Ricardo Vieira Nin | Lorenzetti S.A. | Brazil

Anil Agarwal, chief operating officer of Orient Bell Ltd

Among the players attending the 2023 edition of Indian Ceramics Asia, the annual event for the ceramic and brick industry held in mid-February in Gandhinagar, there was Anil Agarwal, chief operating officer of Orient Bell Ltd

The company, a market leader in India in the production of ceramic tiles, has been in business for more than 50 years. Headquartered in the heart of the country, in New Delhi, it is a company that offers customers products characterized by high quality and durability. 

At a trade show attended by some 250 brands from around the world, we spoke with Anil Agarwal about critical issues, markets, the future, and Tecna. 

  • What are the biggest challenges facing the Indian ceramic market?

"One of today's problems," he explained, "is definitely rising production costs and the scarcity of raw materials. Ceramics, as well as all world industries, are machines in constant motion, driven by markets that are always moving forward without looking historical moments in the face. The pandemic first and the energy crisis later are definitely an obstacle that cannot be contained, but must be overcome over time by continuing to work to produce better and better products and innovating as much as possible. Research is an infinite field, and all of us producers need to focus much of our energy toward this goal. The big challenge of energy and raw material supply is everyone's story, not just India's ceramic companies. Anyway, on our side, the outlook remains optimistic: the Indian market is growing, we remain one of the world's largest producers, and exports are steadily rising."

  • Tecna is one of the most important events for the ceramic market. What are your thoughts on this important technology hub? 

"Tecna is undoubtedly a very important event. To prove this, just think that all innovations are first presented at this fair, so it is definitely an extremely important event for our industry. It is a time that, on a biennial basis, brings together all the major manufacturers and experts; thus turning into a diverse reality that synthesizes the major trends of the moment in various parts of the world. My country, India, at the last edition of Tecna was third among the top ten visiting countries, a sign of the event's strong focus and primary relevance to our market."

We give the floor to the buyers of Tecna 2022:

Khan Safeer Hussain | Master Tiles & Ceramics Industries Limited | Pakistan

Raja Amir | Frontier Ceramics Limited | Pakistan

Paolo Lamberti, President of ACIMAC

“The 2022 edition of Tecna, the first since the standstill imposed by the pandemic, went well with over 320 exhibiting brands and 45% of visitors from over 100 countries, especially Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. A positive edition because it also opened up some very interesting prospects that will allow us to launch important production processes to accompany us in the coming years and enable us to face the new challenges that will require a different way of producing based on cost reduction and energy efficiency.

With Paolo Lamberti, President of ACIMAC, the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for the Ceramic Industry, we took stock of the event that just ended at Rimini Expo Centre and, more generally, of the state of a sector that, in 2021, recorded a turnover of €uro 2.05 billion with an increase of 39% compared to 2020 and that, in the first six months of this year, showed a further 26% growth compared to the same period in 2021.

The first half of this year showed a +42% increase in the domestic market and a +23% increase in exports,” explains Lamberti. “It is also important to note that our companies continue to invest. After all, the ceramic sector has always been a forerunner of new technologies, anticipating other related sectors that have then adapted them and made them their own.”

Going back to Tecna, what are the strengths and expectations for machinery manufacturers, also taking into account the event's rebranding, which highlights the constant evolution of this show?

“The main strength is that Tecna is the sector’s trade show of reference and this is a consolidated and indisputable fact. The rebranding originates precisely from the principle of having an event that is constantly able to respond to the needs of companies. An exhibition for technologies that not only involves ceramics, but also concerns related sectors, such as glass, for example, and that is also attentive to the aspects of logistics that are taking on an increasing important role. Moreover, internationalisation was guaranteed by a special programme for 130 highly profiled top buyers who, thanks to the support of ITA, Italian Trade Agency, held more than 1060 meetings with exhibiting companies.

Lastly, the direct and solid relationship with IEG and its top management is important and has allowed us to collaborate actively, even in managing the most uncertain phases of the recent past. It is important for our association to have such involved partners who are able to help us in times of need.”

The global strength of Italian ceramics has not only always come from the excellence of its production but also from being part of a highly advanced business and service district. Is this still true today?

Definitely, because it is an integrated system that brings together ceramic producers, material producers and manufacturers of machinery and services. ACIMAC members, for example, also include ceramic design companies, which are important for enhancing the product and providing a response that is always in line with the evolving demand for ceramic products. Moreover, the logic of the district allows companies to give the constantly upgraded market demand an effective response in terms of speed and technical evolution.”

How is the Italian industry positioned in the current and obviously complex phase compared to its main competitors? What developments do you expect in the medium term?

We are faced with a series of changes, some of them sudden and unexpected, such as the sharp increase in energy costs on top of the cost for raw materials and logistics that we have to manage. As ACIMAC, I would exemplify by saying that we have two different situations: one related to Italy and Europe and the other to the rest of the world. The crisis is being felt more in Italy and Europe. If Italy is having problems, it doesn’t mean that Spain, for example, isn’t, especially due to the high energy prices. In the rest of the world, however, things are continuing to go forward. For example, we have countries that are growing exponentially, such as India and Latin America, but also Africa and the Middle East. So, for the larger member companies that also have a local facility and can therefore preside over these markets directly, things are going better.

As far as our Italian and European ceramic producing customers are concerned, the situation is certainly not easy. In fact, those specialising in medium-low range products are suffering more than others from the incredible increase in the price of gas and raw materials, with costs exceeding revenues. As far as future developments are concerned, we think that in the short term, that is, 3 to 4 months, the situation will worsen. But then we believe that there will be a recovery, as long as there is a real capacity for transformation and repositioning on the ceramics market.”

Luca Bazzani, CEO of System Ceramics

  • What technology solutions have you been working on over recent years that you will be presenting at the fair?

In these exceptional years, which no one could ever have predicted, System Ceramics has developed its growth strategies putting the customer at the center of its activities, accelerating technological innovation, working on the quality of its products, focusing its efforts on sustainability and service.

At Tecna 2022 we will be presenting a summary of these activities seen in a series of highly innovative products.

Technological excellence is the driver of all the achievements of System Ceramics, which confirms its position as the undisputed global leader for all the technologies it offers.

With regards to digital decoration, Creadigit Infinity is the quintessence of its corporate spirit, this year offered as 'water base ready', that is, ready for the use of water-based inks that allow for a fall in emissions of over 40%, improving the quality of the air and the wok environment at the same time. Machine performances of the highest level are boosted by the possibility of integration with the evolved Creavision e-view vision set-up, and with the new Eye-tron which, dialoguing in real time with Creadigit, permits a perfect synchronization of the surface graphics with the full-body effects. Digiglaze, the digital technology for the glazing of ceramic substrates designed and patented by Tecno Italia, the company operating since 1994 and which was acquired at the beginning of the year, allows for the complete digitalization of the glazing line, a reduction in the use of semi-finished products and the almost total elimination of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. In addition, the integrated use of Digiglaze and Creadigit permits the construction of structures perfectly superimposed on the decoration graphics.

In addition to this particular innovation, there are also the advantages brought by Genya, the device for tracking pieces which makes it possible to optimize production and overall process times while, at the same time, avoid wasting raw material, allowing for the centralized control of all the applications of the decoration line.  

A maximum expression of digitalization, Hypermate powered by Prime is the software packages platform developed to organize the information flows of entire factories in a highly integrated and connected way, generating, at the same time, significant advantages in terms of reduction in the waste of energy and of raw materials, control of production and improvement in qualitative performances.  

Superfast is the most important consolidated technology in the pressing context, thanks to the production flexibility obtained with the moldless pressing process with zero waste and in which energy consumption is one of the lowest in the category, with the significant advantage of the use of standard bodies both in terms of formulation and of humidity.

This flexibility is enhanced thanks to Fastcut with a module for unfired cutting, which adapts to the shrinkage characteristics of the atomized material, for a significant saving of raw material and energy.

Fastdry is the first System Ceramics-branded horizontal multichannel dryer that we will be presenting for the first time at the trade fair. This confirms the great importance of technical excellence and environmental sustainability to System Ceramics; it is hydrogen ready and ready to accept input heat recovery.

The new end-of-line developments will also be characterized by being green:  with Falconslab, the new compact palletization machine for handling large ceramic slabs; with Multistore, the innovative machine for the automatic handling of fired material ; with Cartonstrap, which replaces the plastic strapping machine using only cardboard, for a saving of around 2M meters of plastic strapping/year per production line, making System Ceramics sorting and packaging machines the first in the world to be aligned with the most recent international standards.

Also introduced into this logic is the brand new Sidewrap, the evolved compact size frame wrap-packaging device, which makes it possible to significantly lower the quantity of cardboard used and which can be integrated into existing lines.

Tecna will be for us also an opportunity to present to the public the Genesis project, the technology for the production of large ceramic slabs with three-dimensional graphics, which makes it possible to obtain full-body effects of an extremely high aesthetic level, faithfully reproducing the natural materials.

Genesis makes it possible to take ceramic production beyond the current technological frontier, expanding the contestable market in the direction of products with very high added value.

  • What do you see in the market in the coming months?

In the wake of the positive trend triggered by the drive to invest with which 2021 opened for the sector, we are approaching the next few months with a cautious optimism.  The instability of international relations and the consequences that this generates as a result, added to procurement difficulties and the increase in the costs of raw materials are a cause of concern. In particular, the increase in energy costs which is hitting Europe will have very heavy repercussions from the point of view of the industrial fabric if it is not tackled in a very short time.

Nonetheless, we are facing this historic moment with a strong sense of responsibility: our objective is to understand and match the productive needs of our customers with environmental needs, in order to reformulate even more performing and sustainable products and services. We have to guarantee technological solutions that can resolve with immediacy and flexibility the limited availability of raw materials and energy resources. The circular economy is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity.

  • What are your expectations for Tecna?

Tecna is the reference global trade fair for this sector and will continue to be so also in the future. This year presents an opportunity for direct exchange between all the areas of the sector four years after the last edition. To be able to interact personally with our customers has a great value; technological evolution in ceramics arose historically from this symbiosis between tile producer and technology designer.      

Being able to meet in person, moreover, will give us an opportunity to reaffirm the value of Italian technology, built on the expertise of our industrial districts and respect for the environment and for our employees and associates. We are certain that it will be a really intensive week, full of new stimuli on which to continue to invest in terms of resources, ingenuity and quality.

  • What countries are you focusing on in the run-up to the fair?

System Ceramics is increasingly the reference supplier for the global ceramic market.

The machines that it produces establish the technological standards of the sector at global level.

With its 28 branches present in all the global ceramic districts has a widespread coverage and in recent years has continued to increase investments in the service provided to its customers.  

Today a customer that wishes to introduce the best technologies into its plant entrusts System Ceramics with the design of the entire factory and with the supply of all the main machines, with the guarantee of obtaining the best productive and quality results regarding the finished product.

Every one of our machines is designed to be the most performing in terms of sustainability; we were the first to offer die-cut packaging, then frame packaging. Today we offer plastic-free strapping.

In addition to all this, System adds disruptive innovations which have characterized its history, starting from the production of ceramic slabs, and arriving at today’s technology for the production of large slabs with three-dimensional graphics: Genesis which makes it possible to reproduce natural materials in a practically perfect way, extending the scope of uses of ceramic materials.

Those looking for excellence have no alternative; they find it in System Ceramics.

Vittorio Costa, CEO Sales of Minerali Industriali Engineering

  • What technology solutions have you been working on over recent years that you will be presenting at the fair?

Our first key line of development focuses on various dry grinding technologies for hard raw materials, such as quartz and feldspar. Raw materials which the group also handles as a supplier.

The second key line is linked to the acquisition of the company Manfredini e Schianchi s.r.l.. With this new asset, we have inherited certain research and development projects for sprayers on which the company had already begun working and which are particularly linked to patented technology called Fusion. This dry grinding technology creates a granulate which can replace conventional wet-prepared spray-dried mix.

At Manfredini e Schianchi, these projects have always been part of the company's mission. Today though, growing energy costs mean the technology has now taken on fundamental importance, while also being a milestone in terms of sustainability.

  • What do you see in the market in the coming months?

There are various negotiations underway, as all our customers are interested in the Fusion patent, especially in what savings it could actually offer. The market is receptive and requests have been coming in from all over the world, from Turkey to South America. It feels as if we are still experiencing a post-COVID sluggishness, and there is also a sense of slowdown due to inflation, but it is hard to quantify that exactly. For the moment the prospects for the next quarter are positive, making longer-term forecasts extremely risky.

  • What are your expectations for Tecna?

Our expectations for this year's event are optimistic. We have also recently exhibited at other trade fairs, where we saw firsthand just how much people want to participate actively in these events. After the forced downtime caused by the pandemic, we have been noticing new expectations and a desire to touch and see the technologies in person. The first feedback from our customers and agents indicates there will be a significant number of people attending, as this fair is seen as an opportunity to exchange information and know-how unlike any other.

  • What countries are you focusing on in the run-up to the fair?

We are mainly concentrating on the areas where, historically, we have always had the largest market, so in South America and Europe. The situation in Asia is more complex. This means we are targeting those markets where we have consolidated customers by strengthening spare parts and customer service activities.  

Another strategy we are implementing is to develop comprehensive solutions, since, thanks to our group know-how of raw materials management, we can provide complete customer service throughout the manufacturing process: from support at the deposits to complete processing plants. Our goal is to provide turnkey systems based on our customers' needs. A service that sets us apart from the rest.  

Minerali Industriali Engineering is the Minerali Industriali Group business unit that handles geological and mining research in addition to the design and construction of plants and machines for mining and industrial waste recovery.

The Minerali Industriali Group, with 13 manufacturing facilities units in Italy, four in Europe, one in Asia, three in North Africa, and seven in Central and South America, specialises in extracting and supplying raw materials for diverse industrial applications.

Vittorio Costa, CEO Sales of Minerali Industriali Engineering, talks about the dry grinding technologies developed for ceramics manufacturing and the enthusiasm about being back at Tecna 2022 with a physical presence.

Fabio Tarozzi, Chairman and CEO of B&T Group

  • What technological solutions have you been working on in recent years and are planning to showcase at the exhibition?

B&T Group is a system integrator, a supplier of complete lines for the ceramic industry renowned for its green credentials, Smart 4.0 technologies and the highest levels of industrial efficiency.

Over the years, the Group has worked hard to develop solutions that meet market needs for very high productivity and maximum attention to sustainability, including energy savings and lower production costs. At Tecna, B&T Group will be showcasing 20 new machines and technological upgrades tailored specifically to these needs. As part of the revolutionary shift towards mouldless shaping, we are proposing an on-belt pressing process based on SUPERA® technology. This compact and versatile system was originally developed for large slabs and is now also available in a new RAPIDA version for the production of more traditional ceramic sizes with very high levels of productivity (20,000 m2 per day).

We have also been focusing strongly on technology for firing, the other key step in the production process, with the aim of developing hydrogen-powered kilns and helping ceramic producers prepare for the energy transition. At Tecna we will be presenting the results of a highly ambitious project aimed at developing a new generation of machines based on eco-friendly and carbon-free firing technology. In the meantime, the soaring cost of natural gas makes it essential for ceramic manufacturers to find ways of reducing energy consumption as rapidly as possible to avoid loss of competitiveness and profitability. Our best-in-class TITANIUM 2.0 kilns guarantee outstanding energy performance with a 30% reduction in fuel consumption.

We are also presenting new solutions in the sorting line segment with a new proposal for large sizes (up to 120x120 cm) that represents a true innovation for the end-of-line stage. It includes a high-performance packaging machine that stands out for its versatility in terms of sizes, speed and quality of the packaged boxes and a new, much faster and much more compact stacking machine that will soon be launched on the market.

Here too, the key words are productivity and process simplification.

The Ancora brand, a Group subsidiary and longstanding supplier of complete finishing lines, will be presenting the new TORNADO dry squaring machine, a top-of-the-range machine that stands out for its high level of automation. This technology features a self-adjusting and self-adapting laser tool wear detection system developed in accordance with Industry 4.0 criteria. It is the first of a new family of Ancora products that we will be presenting at the show (Matrix and Imperial lapping machines and Powerlux super gloss machine).

Projecta, a brand specialising in digital decoration solutions, will be offering its new PRO printer with extraordinary computing power based on a new hardware architecture and a new software platform, as well as a new generation of printheads called Fast Drop (a patented printhead with a very high discharge rate). Projecta will also be showcasing one of its flagship machines called DRY FIX, which boasts more than 100 installations worldwide.

  • How do you expect the market to evolve over the next few months?

While our market has always been strongly cyclical in nature, we are currently seeing an astonishing recovery and a return to pre-Covid levels of demand. At the same time, we are focusing strongly on counter-cyclical technologies, i.e. those that relate to changing production requirements rather than changes in capacity. We are also noting that each geographical area is finding its own individual equilibrium and that each country has specific demands and needs. That is why we have developed a network of subsidiaries across many countries with large ceramic markets.

  • What are your expectations for Tecna?

People want to meet again face-to-face and see technologies for themselves. Having the opportunity to explain in-person the value of the work we have been doing over the years will enable us – both as a company and as a country – to convey the true sense of innovation that Italian industry has always represented as a world leader.

Tecna is a strategic event and our industry’s leading trade fair. We have always invested in the show and will once again be displaying an unprecedented number of innovations.

B&T Group is a manufacturer of turnkey plants for the global ceramic and agglomerated quartz industries with an extensive presence in all international markets. It delivers outstanding technological solutions and innovative services with a special focus on energy efficiency and care for the environment.

B&T Group has more than 800 employees and 24 companies (17 of which are located outside Italy in 12 countries across 4 continents) and provides guaranteed excellence for its customers in the international marketplace.

The Group operates through the following divisions: B&T Tile, complete lines for the production of ceramic tiles and large size slabs; B&T Quartz, complete lines for agglomerated quartz surfaces; B&T Service, customer service and aftermarket technical support. The parent company SITI B&T oversees all stages of production and service through ANCORA (finishing lines), PROJECTA (digital printing solutions), DIGITAL DESIGN (design and graphics projects), DIATEX and MEC ABRASIVES (cutting discs, tools and abrasives).

Fabio Tarozzi, the Group’s Chairman and CEO, talked to us about the key aspects of the company’s participation in Tecna, where the Group will be presenting more than 20 new products and solutions focused on innovation and energy saving. 

Jasmine Geerinckx, Business Development Director of Unilin Technologies 

  • Which technological solutions have you worked on in recent years and will you be presenting at the fair?

«Unilin Technologies strives to encourage and share innovative solutions for the construction market and more specifically the flooring industry. We want to change the market by giving access to unique technologies that create better spaces.

In recent years, we have been working on solving some of the challenges in the industry:
• Design technologies to create an extraordinary realistic look and feel of the tile by matching the structure and the design
• Safety innovations to integrate slip resistance into the ceramic tiles, while also maintaining a soft and easy to clean surface
• Clickable ceramic alternatives that are fast and easy to install, with a high quality locking system that can be grouted to create 100% waterproof floors
• Sustainable design solutions for lower emissions
• … and more, come talk to us at Hall D1 Booth 026 ».


  • What do you see in the market in the coming months?

«Safer working and living environments
Safe and healthy working and living environments have always been an important issue to tackle in the flooring industry and has been and remains a main focus within Unilin group. Because of the new anti-slip standards, innovations for surface coatings and finishes are increasingly important. As anti-slip end users prefer a smooth surface for the ease of cleaning, it is important that these safety measures can be linked to beautiful design as well. The integrated slip resistance technology GripTile offers a durable solution for safer indoor and outdoor spaces that does not wear off.

Lower emissions during ceramics firing is another important step to create a safer production environment. Reducing harmful emissions and odor while retaining the same printing performance is one of the challenges for the industry to tackle. Some current manufacturing processes that use skilled laborers spraying the design can be optimized to a more harmless, productive environment. Ecological technologies offer solutions to reduce paint waste, energy consumption and VOC.

• Ecological and economic alternatives
With the current raw material shortage due to the war in Ukraine and the high energy prices, manufacturers are looking for new manufacturing methods and alternative materials. Over the last years the resilient flooring market has grown to have market share in areas where tile was traditionally strong, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Today we see that several ceramics players are investing into this booming market while also looking for durable ways to lower their energy consumption and explore the different core materials available. PVC-free and recyclable core boards are on the rise, as well as ceramic imitations with lower energy consumption such as SPC with a click system with the possibility for grout.

• Trends towards more realistic designs
After the hiatus in design innovations due to COVID, there is a uprise of creativity and thinking outside of the box. With the increasing need to stand out, there is a demand for the most hyper realistic stone or wood designs for ceramic tiles. Because the design and material are perfectly aligned through print-in-register and digital structuring, the tiles has a superior look and feel, creating more naturalistic tiles.

Thanks to inkjet printing, even bullnose edge design and color match the ceramic tile more accurately compared to traditional paint method. By creating an edge-to-edge design, new technologies can simulate nature more than ever before».


  • What are your expectations of TECNA?

«At TECNA we hope to inspire the construction and flooring industry with innovations that improve the production process and create a safer, more durable environment, not only during production but also afterwards for the installer and consumer. We also want to offer alternatives to manufacturers that have concerns about the high production costs. By granting access to new technologies, we create better spaces. We are looking forward to showcase these technologies to the industry that stimulate innovation and add value for manufacturers, distributors and retailers».

Unilin Technologies is the intellectual property unit within the Unilin Group that grants licenses with regard to own and 3rd party patent rights. Today, The company manage more than 3700 patents in over 450 patent families. We commercialize intellectual property rights by granting licenses to different industries. Our licensees gain access to the newest product novelties, disruptive manufacturing processes and revolutionary product construction methodologies. These technologies will substantially shorten the product development cycles and streamline logistics, while improving the quality of all kinds of products, allowing our licensees to gain market share and jump ahead of competition.

Jasmine Geerinckx, Business Development Director of Unilin Technologies, outlined the company’s vision and the aims of its participation in Tecna 2022.


Inter Ser’s CEO Gian Luca Zanoni 

  • What technological solutions have you been working on in recent years and are planning to showcase at the exhibition?

«For the past two years we have been focusing mainly on ink management for digital printing, engobe application and energy saving. The market response has been extremely positive, almost overwhelming. We have a strong belief in these lean, green manufacturing technologies, which reduce the risk of human error in the field of process control.

The large tile producing groups were the first to introduce these innovations in their factories, demonstrating the very real and practical benefits they bring and paving the way for the successful adoption of our products by smaller manufacturers and companies located in less industrialised countries.

At Tecna 2022 we will be presenting the latest version of I-NKFILLER®, the original, innovative and most widely used automatic filling system for digital inks, materials and glues. I-NKFILLER® was designed and built entirely by I-TECH®, while INTER SER is responsible for marketing the system in several non-European countries.

We will also present a variety of machines for engobe application, particularly ROLL1. This dedicated machine for printing the underside of tiles can be used in conjunction with the ROLLERFLEX laser-engraved silicone roller to apply refractory engobe easily, precisely and uniformly.



We will also be displaying the latest 4.0 version of ENEAGREEN, the press oil cooling system which uses variable ventilation technology designed and produced by FIMO and distributed by INTER SER in many non-European countries».

  • How do you expect the market to evolve over the next few months?

«Despite the difficulties caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine and the limited availability of raw materials, we see great opportunities for INTER SER. At a time of raw material shortages and consequent delays in deliveries, the market has maintained its confidence in us thanks to our longstanding reputation for responsiveness. We keep our promises and stand by customers when they face difficulties, values that are more important than ever at times like the present».

  • What are your expectations for Tecna?

«We believe the entire industry is keen to meet up again after a four-year forced absence caused by the pandemic. Given the large numbers of international visitors taking part, the show will be an important opportunity for us not only to display our latest innovations to our existing clientele but also to meet potential new customers».

  • Which countries are you focusing your promotional efforts on ahead of the exhibition?

«INTER SER operates worldwide and all 8 members of our sales team have been working hard to propose the very best solutions to their customers. For this reason, we don’t consider any one country to be more important than the others but will ensure they all receive our complete attention».

Inter Ser has been supplying parts for the ceramic industry for more than 20 years. Founded in 1996 to meet the industry’s need for more rapid and efficient supplies of original spare parts than was then standard practice, the company has since become a strategic business partner for 23 of the world’s top 25 tile manufacturers.

The company’s growth is founded on Piero Zanoni’s decades of experience in the ceramic industry combined with the pioneering spirit of his sons Gian Luca, a management engineer, and Paolo, a mechanical engineer.


Paolo Mongardi, Chairman of SACMI Imola

  • What are the technological solutions you have been working on in recent years and will be presenting at the exhibition?


«In the Tile sector, the main drivers of innovation have been clearly identified for a number of years now. It is important to help customers achieve the highest degree of productivity for the same levels of investment, and for this purpose we will be showcasing several innovations regarding both the Continua+ family and traditional pressing. At the same time, the increase in productivity must be accompanied by greater versatility and flexibility, not least because of the growing market demand for coordinated elements (floor and wall tiles and furnishings). 

Both of these aspects will feature prominently at Tecna 2022 with regard to both individual machines and complete plants. For this reason, SACMI will be showcasing an even wider range of solutions for the production process based on the multidisciplinary skills present within the group and its well-established partnerships with leading international innovation centres.

Another major focus for SACMI is sustainability in terms of reduced waste, lower and optimised levels of consumption, redesigned thermal processes with complete energy recovery, and adaptation of technology to alternative fuels such as hydrogen.

Automation, process digitalisation, factory sustainability and occupational safety are the key characteristics of the sanitaryware innovations that the company will be presenting at Tecna 2022. In particular, at Tecna we will be presenting RobotClean, a revolutionary technology for robotic sanitaryware finishing developed exclusively by SACMI and already adopted by leading Italian producers.

RobotClean finishing guarantees the complete safety of all sanitaryware white finishing operations, which still today tend to be carried out manually, and protects the operator from the risk of exposure to hazardous substances such as crystalline silica dust.

The solution employs special abrasive elements developed to faithfully reproduce the operations carried out manually by the operator, while dedicated software allows the finishing recipes to be programmed off-line, simulating the robot’s movements and operations. This also makes the quality of finishing more reliable and repeatable, completing the Industry 4.0 approach to factory management.

In terms of plant engineering, this solution also fits in with the zero waste and profitable sustainability philosophy in which waste is transformed from a cost into an opportunity through circular processes (recovery of scrap, raw materials, water and energy). All of these aspects are addressed through specific initiatives such as the “We ARE Bright” event for sanitaryware production recently proposed to our customers».

  • What are your expectations for the market over the next few months?

«2021 was an extraordinary year in which sales in our core businesses of Tiles and Sanitaryware returned to well above pre-Covid levels.

In the Tile segment, we are witnessing strong and steady growth in global demand, although we now also have to contend with issues regarding the availability of raw materials and soaring energy prices, a scenario that is further aggravated by the military escalation in Europe. While these difficulties primarily affect some of our customers, they inevitably also have an impact on producers of plant and machinery.

In the Sanitaryware sector we are also seeing a very dynamic market ready to react rapidly to external forces and stresses. Costs and raw material supply issues, procurement difficulties and rising shipping prices are accentuating a trend towards shorter value chains that had already been observed in the initial stages of the pandemic crisis.

This is causing many of our customers to think again about relocating and planning investments and projects closer to where products are sold.

These trends benefit SACMI products because of their focus on sustainability, automation and a circular production process, an approach that primarily concerns advanced markets but also reflects a clear global trend. Barring contingent factors that may hinder the recovery of the market, we are therefore still expecting demand for technology to speed up in the medium term, particularly as a result of energy transition policies at a global level».

  • What are your expectations for Tecna?

«What we are looking forward to most is the resumption of face-to-face meetings and discussions with our customers. During the last couple of years we have devoted a lot of effort and resources to maintaining a dialogue with our customers through virtual technologies and have done everything we could to meet their needs.

What is needed now is not only an exchange of views on the most topical issues but also a discussion about the best way forward, about the factory, the circularity of products and the use of technology at the service of sustainability as customers become increasingly attentive to these issues.

We firmly believe in the importance of a physical venue where it is possible to meet in person and get a first-hand view of innovation, where we can sit down face to face with our partners and discuss the many challenges that lie ahead as part of the process of ecological and digital transformation».

  • Which countries are you focusing your promotional efforts on ahead of the exhibition?

«SACMI is the world’s leading supplier of technology for the ceramic industry. Our customers include large international groups with facilities in dozens of countries, as well as independent manufacturers located in specific areas who are determined to position themselves at the high end of the market. We are interested in both of these types of customers and are at their complete disposal for developing projects or discussing detailed technical issues.

We look forward to welcoming our international customers to the exhibition and presenting our most innovative solutions, to sharing specific projects and needs and discussing the issues that have dominated the market in recent years: automation, digitalisation and technical and aesthetic quality, the reduction of manual processes and consequently the factory’s environmental and social footprint, as well as energy and the fuels of the future.

More generally, through our participation in Tecna we intend to reaffirm our mission as a leading technology partner for the industry».

SACMI is a leading manufacturer of machines and complete plants for the Tiles, Sanitaryware, Advanced Materials, Beverage, Packaging&Chocolate industries, thanks to the application of innovative technologies, strong positioning on world markets, the continuous search for high quality standards and customer service.


With over 4,700 employees and a sales volume of over € 1.5 billion, SACMI is a global partner of industrial plant engineering that operates with over 80 production, distribution and service companies in 28 countries around the world.


In particular, SACMI is the world's leading supplier of machines and systems for the ceramic industry and a technological leader in the packaging-closures field. High productivity, quality, design and technological innovation, sustainability and digitalization of processes, are the peculiarities that SACMI offers its customers, supporting them in every phase of the supply, from design to after-sales.