Promote your company

The new digital platform available to exhibitors and visitors is an environment that expands the physical experience offered by the show into a new hybrid form. It will make shows decidedly “data-driven”, and thereby facilitate interest and opportunities.

The aim is to create a relevant agenda with a focus on international customers.

The platform will also allow individual exhibitors to measure interactions and return on investment, information of considerable value for growing their business. 

Find out how to get yourself noticed by all the professionals at Tecna:

1) complete your showcase page with all the necessary information;
2) update your product catalogue, including the new products you wish to launch;
3) customise your page with eye-catching photos and videos to attract attention;
4) upload the events you plan to organise during the show (if included in your business package).

Do everything you can to be found by new potential customers!



Watch the webinar and discover how the digital platform can support you in communications with all industry operators.

You will be shown how to access and upload the content included in your package and all the visibility opportunities the platform offers. Specifically:

1. how to present your new products through the digital catalogue and other tools provided by your showcase page;
2. how to bring potential customers to your showcase page through the platform’s visibility areas;
3. how to promote your events by highlighting them on the platform;
4. how to highlight your brand on the platform.